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"my [negative] world-view"

The photographic camera, at all times and in every period was an essential instrument that helped preserve information. It was also a cherished tool to many visual artists. But not all cameras were made equal; and is it the ‘equipment’ that makes ‘the great image’?

During the recent quarantine (Budapest, March-June 2020),  while nostalgically reflecting on my past and current professional life cycles, an abundance of traceable connections with the old film cameras have emerged.

​We each are a living a story, and art is a wonderful path for us to bear witness. The "my [negative] world-view" project is bearing witness through a nonverbal expression to one of the evolutionary stages of photography, that which is a formidable embrace between art and technology.

This project assures past recollections and experiences to be transcending time into our contemporary age. It links between my 'new' inanimate friend, the iPhone, and its predecessor, the large format Deardorff 8x10 view camera.

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Gemma ( Los Angeles, 2004)

Park regular.jpg

Margit Sziget (Budapest,2020 )


Pleasantries (Budapest, 2018 )


Portrait of Rashida  (Sinai Desert, 2006 )


Homebound  (Budapest, 2019 )


Waiting in Line  (Budapest, 2020)


Margit Bridge  (Budapest, 2020)


 The Basilica Guardian  (Budapest, 2020)


Spring Rain (Tel Aviv, 2011 )


Untitled 23 (Budapest, 2020 )


i love u (Budapest, 2019 )

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